Turkish Power Wrestling, the pioneer professional wrestling organisation of Turkey, is one of the key works of our company, MBD PRO. Abbrevated as “TPW”, is a phenomenal organization followed by the young generation and it has a special audience. Big surprises awaited Bilgehan Demir, who came to the podium as TPW General Manager at the show held at the Istanbul Volkswagen Arena on March 31, 2018. Especially after La Ruffa’s T-L-C match, which was a great sensation, his signature in the ring was all that was talked about. All the while, women’s match was crowned as “the match of the year” by The Sun, the British media likened and called TPW “Turkey’s WrestleMania”. TPW welcomed its audience in (in order) Ankara, Kayseri, Bursa 1, İstanbul 1, Bursa 2 and Great İstanbul shows, seems to be the sensation around the Show will only go up in the upcoming years.

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